How do you know when you have found the perfect venue for your wedding day?

You just feel it. It’s not always logical. It may not end up being the type of venue you originally thought you wanted. But when you find that perfect setting, something beyond explanation kicks in and tells you “this is it.”


So many choices. So little time.

There are more than 100 truly unique wedding venues in the California Wine Country and not all of them are well advertised. From the rustic interiors of beautiful wine caves to the sprawling scenery of amazing vineyards to historic inns and lush gardens — the choices can be overwhelming.


Our free service can help.

This Wine Country Weddings site is all about providing brides and grooms information on Sonoma and Napa Valley venues. We offer this service completely free of charge. We don’t receive commissions from, or have any investments in, the venues. Our sole goal is to assist couples in finding just the right property to fit their styles, personalities and budgets. We simply hope you’ll consider our entertainment division once you’ve chosen the venue for your celebration. But there is truly no obligation.

Wine Country

Hunting for that perfect gem.

Why spend hours researching online? We can guide you in the right direction. We are personally familiar with these distinctive and delightful properties. Each has its own story. Many are family-run businesses. Each provides outstanding customer service and, like AMS Entertainment, strives for excellence in all they do.